A new home for Cogs

Cogs Web Serial has moved from to

Having the serial appear on my author website opens up some options for me to publish other types of related content alongside the serial without maintaining multiple sites.

I've added a blog to the site, which is available at, and I'll be adding more content there over time.

Every episode of Cogs can be accessed from Members (free) can read books 1, 2, and 4 (the opening stories in threads within Cogs) on the site, and subscribers can read all the books/chapters on the site. As of today, there are 469 chapters/10 complete books (book 11 is being released a chapter a time and book 12 is queued up and ready to go).

The Cogs starter library (books 1, 2, and 4) can be downloaded with a free membership from the starter library page.

The migration was fairly painless and went mostly without any hitches, though subscribers did receive a couple of chapters out of order (sorry!). There are still some more changes to come, but the bulk of the work is done and I can get back to writing the next book.