Empires rise and empires fall, but legends never die.
Cogs tracks the rise and fall of civilizations, the ascension of malevolent gods, and humanity’s refusal to submit and fade into the darkness.
Take a stand. Defy the gods!

Cogs is an ongoing epic science fiction serial that you can read right here on the site by becoming a member. There are 11 novels with 491 chapters so far, and new chapters are added several times a week.

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1. Malicious Designs

2. Discarded Gods

3. Brotherhood’s Curse

4. The Tyrant’s Throne

5. The Bastard Cadre

6. Zealots and Ascendants

7. The Mad God’s Playground

8. The Godslayers’ Legacy

9. The Lord of Frake’s Defiance

10. The Dead God’s Shadow

11. Taunting the Devil