5. The Bastard Cadre

5. The Bastard Cadre

Book 5 of Cogs. 35 years have passed since The Tyrant’s Throne. Ethan Godkin is trying to find Avril before anybody does...

5.1 The Bunker

5.2 Dreamy Daze

5.3 Chasing Rumors

5.4 Hunters

5.5 Code of Conduct

5.6 Artistic Impressions

5.7 A Painful Reunion

5.8 Band of Liars

5.9 Mindless Killers

5.10 The Games we Play

5.11 Insurance

5.12 Fools and Dead Men

5.13 Futile Regrets

5.14 Precious Cargo

5.15 Triggers

5.16 Playing Gods

5.17 Old Acquaintances

5.18 Solo’s

5.19 The Reward for Incompetence

5.20 Renewed Tensions

5.21 Musan

5.22 Winners Can’t Quit

5.23 Pursuit

5.24 Lies Cost Double

5.25 Staring into the Abyss

5.26 Prisoner

5.27 Terms of Endangerment

5.28 Grith

5.29 Unpleasantries

5.30 Sonan

5.31 Divine Motivation

5.32 Reading the Room

5.33 Road Trip

5.34 Apprentice

5.35 Grith Bait

5.36 Convenient Allies

5.37 Fish in a Barrel

5.38 Jumping Blind

5.39 The Cleansed

5.40 Easy Money

5.41 Dragon-fire

5.42 No Good Deed

5.43 Dead-zone

5.44 Letting Go

5.45 The Short Road Back

5.46 Empty Vessels

5.47 Gunshot

5.48 Malevolent Intentions

5.49 Redundancies

5.50 Friend or Foe

5.51 Playing Both Sides

5.52 Feldarsin

5.53 Artistic Integrity

5.54 Liar’s Curse

5.55 The First Rule

5.56 Exit Strategy

5.57 Immoral Immortal

5.58 Chameleon

5.59 Impossible Choices

The Bastard Cadre Footnotes

The players, scoundrels, and gods of The Bastard Cadre:

  • Aaron Noland: A hunter who works with Theen’s crew.
  • Avril Ethanson: The first-sworn in Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.
  • Beads: A hunter with a talent for finding things.
  • Benshi Chi’Rhysin Chosen, Lord: Lord Obdurin’s predecessor as Rhysin’s chosen.
  • Cali Descendant: A hunter who is contracted to work with Theen’s crew.
  • Dain Chi’Mikkel Bondsan: The first-sworn in a Damarian cadre.
  • Damorsin: The true god of Mawtar.
  • Darren Chi’Dain Bondsan: A member of Dain Chi’Mikkel Bondsan’s cadre.
  • Davis: A hunter who works for the Company.
  • Ensay d’Tal: A hunter who uses synthetic bodies.
  • Ethan Godkin: A former solider and advisor to Lord Obdurin who raised Avril in the wastelands salvaging tech.
  • Fahlim: An immortal who is aligned with Lord Obdurin.
  • Feldarsin Pure: A hunter and a dualist who works with Terin.
  • Framan: A giant who has the ability to travel. A member of Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.
  • Gabe: A hunter with a talent for sniping who posed as a member of Avril’s cadre.
  • Gian: A hunter.
  • Hookah-lady: A patron at the Bunker.
  • Kort Noland: A hunter who serves as second in Theen’s crew.
  • Lattan Chi’Mattatan Bondsan: A member of Mattatan’s cadre.
  • Laurill: A young woman with a talent for finding hidden information. A member of Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.
  • Maiten: The true god of Damar.
  • Maria Godkin: Ethan Godkin’s deceased wife.
  • Marin: The person Lord Obdurin asked to raise Avril.
  • Mason: The true god of Adand.
  • Mattatan Chi’Obdurin Bondsan: The first-sworn in a Rhynsian cadre.
  • Maxian Tralitson: Tralit d’Arathan’s son. A member of Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.
  • Mikkel Chi’Maiten Chosen, Lord: The Lord of Damar. Maiten’s chosen.
  • Moonie: The barman at the Bunker
  • Musan: The woman who raised Framan.
  • Obdurin Chi’Rhysin Chosen, Lord: The Lord of Rhyne. Rhysin’s chosen.
  • Omar: The dead god.
  • Pilot, the: An unnamed pilot who works as a hunter.
  • Ranora fi’Intar: An artist who travels the wastelands.
  • Rapta Noland: A gun-for-hire in Lord Obdurin’s employ.
  • Rattan Chi’Mattatan Bondsan: A member of Mattatan’s cadre.
  • Rhysin: The true god of Rhyne.
  • Sonan: A grith herder.
  • Sorros d’Shan: An immortal who has aligned himself with Lord Obdurin.
  • Stan: An old acquaintance of Cali Descendant.
  • Surrat: The true god of Surrusand.
  • Terin Pure: A hunter who works with Feldarsin.
  • Theen: The leader of a crew of hunters.
  • Thorn Chi’Mikkel Bondsan: The first-sworn of a Damarian cadre.
  • Tralit d’Arathan: The terrible black dragon.
  • Tug: A hunter who works with Theen’s crew.
  • Turin: The true god of Turintar.
  • Vernie: An old acquaintance of Cali Descendant.
  • Yarlin: The true god of Yarland.
  • Zin: A young woman who dreams of alternate realities. A member of Lord Obdurin’s scattered cadre.

The chronological order of the books and events in Cogs up to The Bastard Cadre:

1. Malicious Designs

2. Discarded Gods

3. Brotherhood’s Curse

4. The Tyrant’s Throne

5. The Bastard Cadre

6. Zealots and Ascendants

7. The Mad God’s Playground

8. The Godslayers’ Legacy

9. The Lord of Frake’s Defiance

10. The Dead God’s Shadow

11. Taunting the Devil