The Lord of Frake's Peak

Defiance has many faces.

Lord Obdurin is playing the Gods’ game, but is he playing by their rules?

Two years after the Cleansing, Lord Obdurin’s enemies are gathered against him, but he refuses to wait for the conqueror’s terms or the assassin’s blade, instead, he embarks on a bold plan to reshape Newterra.

Vincent d’Rhyne, the son of Lord Obdurin’s predecessor—Lord Benshi—swore a debt of gratitude on the day Obdurin killed his father and took Rhysin’s heart. Now eight years later, Vincent is given his chance to repay that debt, but did he misjudge Obdurin in his gratitude? Is Obdurin the peace loving man that he appears to be, or is he a subtle tyrant and much worse than bloodthirsty Lord Benshi ever was?

The Lord of Frake’s Peak is the fourth book in The Bastard Cadre series and goes back to when Lord Obdurin first considered creating a cadre that would change the Gods’ game in ways that nobody, perhaps not even Obdurin, could imagine.