Zealots and Ascendants: The Lords of Rhyne #2

Zealots and Ascendants

Rhysin’s chosen is dead, and there is a new Lord of Frake’s Defiance.

The passing of a god’s heart from one chosen to the next is a time of transformation. Each successive chosen reveals a new aspect of the god they serve, and this latest chosen is unlike any that has gone before him.

For Ethan, the death of Rhysin’s chosen presents a chance to leave Rhyne and live a life free from the influence of the gods and their chosen, but Rhysin’s new chosen is vulnerable and without allies and feeling responsible for him, Ethan decides to stay by his side for one night to protect him.

Zealots and Ascendants covers Lord Obdurin’s first night as Rhysin’s new chosen, as internal and external threats move against him.

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