Lee Carlon

Epic Fantasy

The Ashan Chronicles

The Emperor's Promise

Empires rise and empires fall, but legends live forever.

Troy is an agent of the Empire, charged with bringing the island kingdom of Disiti, home of the last natural-born dragons and powerful seers, into the Empire at any cost. But the Empire’s presence sparks civil unrest in Disiti, and Troy is caught between bloody politics and demons from her past. If the Disitians don’t kill her first, her own people will.

An ancient force, determined to claim its revenge and annihilate Disiti, is manipulating them all, but to what end, and why is it focused on Troy?

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Discarded Gods

Trust nobody

Ethan Godkin knows the rules of the life he’s chosen. Alone and adrift in a world cleansed by the gods, and haunted by memories of the things he’s done, he’s decided, he’s had enough.

But before Ethan can take his final step, he’s given a chance to use his deadly skills for good and protect an innocent. He must rediscover the part of himself that is capable of trusting other people, but he must place his trust wisely because his chance of redemption could become his damnation.

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The Bastard Cadre

Take a stand. Defy the gods.

Avril was raised salvaging tech in the dead cities left behind after the apocalypse. He was happy living quietly and avoiding the chosen's holy wars, but a chance encounter reveals people are coming for him. Whether he wants it or not, he has a role to play in the holy wars and life will never be the same again. Neutrality is not an option for Avril as forces on all sides of the conflict learn who and what he is and set plans in motion to use him to gain the upper hand.

The Godslayers' Legacy

Kneel or fight.

When the gods burned the world, murdering hundreds of millions of people, that was the choice given to the survivors.

Dune d’Turintar, daughter of a god’s chosen and a member of Lord Obdurin’s bastard cadre, kneels to no-one. In defiance of Lord Obdurin, her father, and the gods, Dune takes up the fallen godslayers’ cause, determined to succeed where the godslayers failed.

The Dead God's Shadow

Everybody accepts the Dead God’s embrace eventually.

The True Gods murdered their brother Omar at the end of the Dragon Wars. They believed he was gone, but now, five centuries later, Omar has returned.

The Lord of Frake's Peak

Defiance has many faces.

Lord Obdurin is playing the Gods’ game, but is he playing by their rules?

Two years after the Cleansing, Lord Obdurin’s enemies are gathered against him, but he refuses to wait for the conqueror’s terms or the assassin’s blade, instead, he embarks on a bold plan to reshape Newterra.

Taunting the Devil

True power is never granted; it is always taken.

The chosen wear their god’s hearts and rule Newterra as their avatars. Those who aspire to become chosen must seize power violently to gain their god’s confidence, to do anything less risks rejection and damnation.

Aspirants are gathering in Damar, each preparing to claim Maiten’s heart when the god’s current chosen, Lord Rarick, falls, but who will succeed? The lone assassin who has already failed once? The infiltrator who has worked his way into Lord Rarick’s confidence and is playing all sides of the conflict? Or a member of a covert team with careful plans and the backing of a rival chosen?

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